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History of St Peter's Church

As far as is known, this is the third church on the present site. It was built in 1879, four years after a violent thunderstorm had struck the previous building and lightening had killed two men during Evensong. This second church was erected in 1739, two years after John Norris had been instituted as Rector and the sketch and model can be seen by the North-West window. It was a small building without side aisles. It replaced a mediaeval church which had become dilapidated and apart from the tower, beyond restoration. No one knows exactly when the original church was built but as the list of Rectors goes back to 1300, it was probably in existence then.
All three churches are represented in the present building. The mediaeval tower has served each structure in turn. Memorial tablets, boards and font come from the eighteenth century church. The skill and artistry of our own day are well represented by the kneelers in the pews.

For more information see our brochure to read more about the history of the Church.