Parish of Heswall

Heswall Parish is located on the Wirral, Merseyside and is part of Chester Diocese.
We are two churches and six congregations who together are looking to love God and serve Him in our town and further afield under the direction of Scripture and the Holy Spirit.


Recent News

  • Fruitfulness
    We all have a life on the frontline in the world that’s significant to God. But can we see how God has been working in and through us? Can we imagine what work God might do in and through us on our […]
  • YF Uganda Mission 2017
    10th Anniversary of youth mission trips! Seven Youth Leaders and young people are engaged in the YF Uganda Training Programme in preparation for our mission to Uganda between 14 July – 6 August […]
  • Finance Presentation 2016
    The finance presentation for 2016 is available to view here. Our sermon on Resourcing Mission based on Nehemiah 7 & 10: […]
  • Corrie Verduyn from CMS
    Corrie says: “I believe I am doing the work that God has prepared for me to do over many years, sharing my skills in a place where these are not readily available. One of my favourite Bible […]
  • Parish Building Project
    Following the presentations at both churches you can view the slides for these here or watch the video presentation of these above. […]