15 Dec

YF mission journey has begun

… the team has left Heswall for Uganda…. Please pray for them

During their trip to Uganda you can keep in touch with their blog posts here. They left on July 12th, 2019 for three weeks. There are three teams of 12 people including leaders and there is also a medical team who will be running rural clinics with our Ugandan friends.

The teams will each spend one week at each school. They will learn about Ugandan traditions, way of life and culture. They will deliver lessons and play with children, visit them in their homes and provide mattresses etc to needy people.

They will continue previous projects such as putting up mosquito nets to stop malaria. Teaching about dental care and teaching girls how to make re-useable sanitary pads as without them they exclude themselves from school.

Now projects include recycling waste, composting of biodegradable material, recycling charcoal dust by making brickets, recycling plastics and reducing their use and how to make a solar cooker out of cardboard and tin foil.