11 May

Uganda 2016

uganda2016_01Uganda Adult Mission 2016

26 May to 11 June 2016

In 2016 an adult team is going out to serve the children and communities of Masaka and Kamapala, Uganda. This is a continued commitment to the work of the Rock of Joy Trust that started in 2007 and will be the fourth adult team to go out from the Parish of Heswall. The team will be made up of three sub-teams that will focus on:

  • Education – Working with children from 3 to 12 and the teaching staff across 4 schools.
  • Health – Working with children and communities delivering a health programme. The team may include a dentist, doctor, nurse, optician or any other health professionals.
  • Community and Farming – Working on projects to develop farming and other practical tasks like building a school fence, developing an orchard, putting up mosquito nets.

The first week will be working in the rural community of Masaka in the south of Uganda,
with the second week in Antioch and Lungujia in the suburbs of Kampala. This will provide
the opportunity to serve two very different communities.

This is a wonderful opportunity to be part of a team to serve the Ugandan people, whilst
also gaining immense personal fulfilment. The visit will have a very strong Christian ethos,
and will include time for prayer, bible study and reflection.

If you are interested in joining this mission then please contact the Parish Office or consult the flyer given to you in our services on Sunday for details of who to contact.