06 Jun

Tearfund launch: Hunger Steals

In May, we were privileged to have the launch of Tearfund’s new campaign ‘Hunger Steals’. Ben Cohen, a member of Tearfund’s Communications Team, came form London to the Church of the Good Shepherd to launch the new campaign. In the parish we had the first public viewing of the two new films, which can now be seen on the website. We had a real insight too into how Tearfund, one of our Mission Partners, functions and operates. Their main strategy is one of empowerment and standing alongside local churches around the world. The aim is not to helicopter in as heroes but rather to use the gifts and resources that are already in existence and- by using biblical principles-to help local people make the most of what is already available to them. We heard about the effective strategy of ‘Foundations for Farming’ which is helping people in Zimbabwe and other countries to adopt Biblical principles of farming and increase their yield. It is working incredibly well and many families are now able to send their children to school, buy essential medicines and even build a new home.

Ben told us about Polly, from Malawi, and how Foundations for Farming had already turned her life around. Three years ago, Polly was brought a precious gift by her local church: the gift of a plentiful harvest.
Tearfund’s church partners in Malawi, AG Care, trained Polly in ‘Foundations for Farming’. The short course showed her some simple techniques to farm her dry, barren plot of land and make it flourish again. Instead of wondering whether there will be enough food, Polly finally has the ability of looking to the future and planning for her family. There are many others who are still suffering from
poor harvests and, with more support, Tearfund, through local churches, can help release potential and purpose.