School Admission

The Parish of Heswall is pleased to have a church school within our Parish and to be closely associated with St. Peter’s CE Primary School. As an Aided School the Parish provides 5 Foundation Governors ; clergy visit the school eve-ry week to lead Collective Worship; we welcome the school to church for edu-cational visits and acts of worship at significant times during the year; many members of both St. Peter’s Church and the Church of the Good Shepherd are involved in the life of the school in many and varied ways. We seek to actively encourage the school’s Christian and Anglican ethos, support staff, pupils and parents, and play our part in helping the school fulfil its purpose and vision.

Whilst we actively engage with other local schools offering assemblies, edu-cational visits, special services and building relationships that support the local community and provide a Christian presence in other schools, we recognize the unique relationship held by an Anglican Church School and its place within the wider mission of the Church. This relationship is reflected in the Admissions Policy of St. Peter’s School.

The School Admissions Policy states: Parents should be aware before apply-ing that in this school RE, collective worship and our whole ethos are based on the teachings of the Church of England. The Policy sets out the criteria upon which Admissions are considered amongst which is criterion 3: “ Children whose parents are faithful and regular worshippers in the Parish Churches of St Peter and the Good Shepherd, Heswall.” This is defined: “By “faithful and regular” we mean attendance at a minimum of two services per month for at least six months prior to the closing date for applications. Evidence for this must be provided on the school’s supplementary form.”

Since Heswall is a large Parish it can sometimes be difficult to assess this cri-terion fairly as parents are free to attend any service at either St. Peter’s Church or the Church of the Good Shepherd, at which the Rector may or may not himself be present. We recognize that whilst some parents may be well known worshippers in the Parish others may be new and less well known; all need to be identified fairly.

The Parochial Church Council has therefore decided to provide registers at the back of both St. Peter’s Church and the Church of the Good Shepherd which parents can sign when attending Sunday worship at any service in ei-ther church. We ask parents to do this in order to provide an accurate, fair and documented record of church attendance. This record will be used to en-able the Rector to complete the Supplementary Form required for admission under criterion 3 to St. Peter’s School (or any other local church school.)

Parents looking to apply to St. Peter’s School using church attendance as an admission criterion are strongly advised to speak to the Rector at the START of the required 6 month period.

The Attendance Registers are A5 red books at the back of each church with a page for each Sunday of the year. Parents are asked to sign this regis-ter each time they attend worship.

The Supplementary Form is available from the school website

This form should be completed and given to the Rector to sign.

For more information please contact the Rector, Revd. Martin Cannam
via the Parish Office ( or 0151-342-3471)