04 Sep

Mud Missionaries!

Five of us from the Parish completed our challenge of tough mudder, September, 2017 in aid of the Parish Building Project. Our day began at 6.45 am when we nervously drove to Cholomondeley Castle. Thank goodness we went in a 4×4 vehicle as even the car park was muddy.

They lulled us into a false sense at the start, with a low fence to crawl under and a hay bale to walk over. But then came the first real challenge-a water-based turning Toblerone. You are waist-deep in freezing muddy water (which, incidentally, reeked of cow poo!). The boys held on and straddled as it turned in the water, thus landing feet-first. Laura and Sophia, though, clung on for dear life and as it turned they were tipped face first into the deep! Funny? NOT!

Fast forward 10.7 miles, 5 hours, thunderstorms, heavy rain, hypothermia for one, an ice bath which gave the mother of all brain-freezes, scaling 10 foot walls, watching a man dislocate his shoulder trying to run up the same, electrocution and we’d done it.

Please, if you haven’t already and would like to, sponsor us. Either by cheque to the parish office, or via the justgiving link here https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/stpogsmudmissionaries

We want to contribute to the Parish Building Project as best we can – do please support us if you feel able to and it will make the bruises all worthwhile.

Thank you!