Home Groups


Across the Parish home groups meet on a weekly or fortnightly basis on midweek nights or during the day. As well as creating small communities for people to belong to, these groups provide prayer support and a chance to discuss faith and the Bible in an informal and relaxed home setting with leaders.  There is the opportunity to develop your own gifts and talents.  Home groups also provide support to the wider church and community through sharing, giving and serving.

We come in all shapes, sizes and ages and you can visit as many as you wish!  So get in touch with one of our clergy or the Parish Office for more information.

For discussion and teaching a number of resources have been used recently for studying the Bible and the Christian faith.

Mary Pyches – The Marks of Maturity a six part DVD course which follows on from The Road to Maturity. The Marks of Maturity examines the indicating factors for maintaining progress. The story of the Prodigal Son, his journey away from home and his journey back, is used as a backdrop to these studies. The study guide can be downloaded as a PDF from the first DVD.

The Book of Acts DVD (or Visual Bible: Acts).
Following the book of Acts word for word from the NIV. (there is also The Gospel According to Matthew from the same series).

Studying Isaiah or Revelation.  These groups have been using weekly study notes provided by the web site jesuswalk.com

For Home Group leaders there are also sets of other study materials and associated leaders’ resources available at the Parish Office.