07 Nov

Corrie Verduyn from CMS


Corrie says:
“I believe I am doing the work that God has prepared for me to do over many years, sharing my skills in a place where these are not readily available.
One of my favourite Bible verses is Psalm 138:8. ‘The Lord will fulfil his purpose for me; your love, 0 Lord, endures for ever — do not abandon the works of your hands.’
I am with CMS because of its long and rich experience of working in mission in different cultures.”

If you missed the visit of Corrie Verduyn from the Church Mission Society here is her video. Find out more about Corrie.

In the autumn we hosted one of our Mission Organisation Partners, Corrie Verduyn. Corrie works for CMS who we’ve been supporting through our prayers and through our Parish Giving.
Corrie is based in a rural hospital in a small town called Kiwoko, in Uganda. The hospital aims to deliver healthcare to the local population in an affordable, holistic and Christian-inspired way. As an obstetrician/gynaecologist with many years’ experience she uses her skills to improve maternity care and make specialist services available to women who would not otherwise be able to access such care. She heads up the maternity department, supervising the day- to- day operations as well as delivering babies for women with complicated pregnancies. There is of course a lack of resources and we heard from her some heart breaking stories as well as the wonderful successes. We heard how one woman lost her life as there was none of her blood type available in the hospital and she was desperate for a transfusion. Corrie literally went round the whole hospital asking what type of blood people had, so she could take it from them. There was no one and sadly Corrie and her team couldn’t prevent that loss. As part of her calling, Corrie also told us how she teaches younger junior doctors and medical students.

It was an inspiring and very interesting talk that she brought and it made our mission-giving seem all the more significant and useful. There are links on our website to two short films that Corrie has made in Uganda and which show her at work. Please keep her in your prayers.


Jacky Wise