The Wirral Foodbank

Both churches, together with local schools, businesses and individuals donate non-perishable, in-date food to the foodbank. All food given out by foodbanks is donated.

Volunteers then sort food to check that it’s in date and pack it into boxes ready to be given to people in need. Frontline care professionals identify people in need and they are given vouchers. Foodbank clients bring their voucher to a foodbank centre where it can be redeemed for three days
emergency food. Volunteers meet clients over a cup of tea or free hot meal and are able to signpost people to agencies able to solve the longer-term problem.

There are regular collection points in the St Peter’s Centre and The Church of the Good Shepherd. Donations are taken to the Foodbank after the first Sunday of each month, so please continue to leave non-perishable items for collection. For further details go to the Wirral Foodbank website.


The Besom in Wirral

The Parish is the hub of The Besom in Wirral, which helps people from Wirral churches to make a difference. It provides a bridge between those who want to give time, skills, money or things and those who are in need. It ensures that what is given is used effectively. The service is completely free. Referrals are accepted only from social workers and similar professionals and matched with individuals and groups who offer their time, skills, money or things to help people in need.

Poverty, isolation, abuse, ill health, injustice, and homelessness: the sharp inequalities of life around us and the devastating impacts they have on people’s lives are evident to see. Many want to do something and to get involved but don’t always know how. The Besom exists to help make a difference to the lives of others and to make it easy to do so. This is an area of missionary activity in which we are looking to encourage more people to participate.

The Besom in Wirral is part of the national non-denominational charity “The Besom”.

homestartHome Start Wirral

We are actively involved in Home Start Wirral, which is part of a national charity. After training, volunteers actively support a vulnerable family on the Wirral for a period of approximately six months, helping them to regain control over their lives.