30 Jun

Ordination of Lyn Weston

Lyn started her role as Diocesan Missioner with Chester Diocese in June 2016. Previously, Lyn spent her career spanning 27 years leading major strategic change in several global organisations, predominantly in the Financial Services sector.  In parallel to this, over the last fourteen years, Lyn has led a number of ministries in the Parish of Heswall, most specifically amongst Family & Children’s Mission and Ministry. She also had a wonderful experience leading a ministry in Liverpool Cathedral for a period of time amongst Persian Asylum Seekers. Lyn felt a calling to leave behind her corporate career whilst leading a Mission Team to Uganda in 2012, where she witnessed Total Community Transformation as the Church shone like an illuminated beacon amongst desperate social deprivation. This vision has inspired Lyn to enthuse others to apply relentless focus on the Five Marks of Mission and transform our local communities as we live out the Gospel.

Lyn’s ordination as Deacon on July 2nd, 2017 at Chester Cathedral was a special occasion for all of the family and we celebrated back in the parish with an afternoon tea in St. Peter’s Centre.

17 Jun

YF in Uganda

From 14th July to 7th August, 2017 YF are working in three schools in partnership with Rock of Joy Trust.

Thirty four young people and leaders will be running projects in four Uganda
schools and their communities; offering practical help, painting, building work,
lessons in hygiene care and dental health, asd running Holiday Clubs for the children.

Join us to pray for our team and all who they encounter, for good relationships and for safety throughout the mission on Thursdays 20th, 27th July and 3rd August in St Peter’s Centre from 8.00 pm – 9.00 pm.



06 Jun

Tearfund launch: Hunger Steals

In May, we were privileged to have the launch of Tearfund’s new campaign ‘Hunger Steals’. Ben Cohen, a member of Tearfund’s Communications Team, came form London to the Church of the Good Shepherd to launch the new campaign. In the parish we had the first public viewing of the two new films, which can now be seen on the website. We had a real insight too into how Tearfund, one of our Mission Partners, functions and operates. Their main strategy is one of empowerment and standing alongside local churches around the world. The aim is not to helicopter in as heroes but rather to use the gifts and resources that are already in existence and- by using biblical principles-to help local people make the most of what is already available to them. We heard about the effective strategy of ‘Foundations for Farming’ which is helping people in Zimbabwe and other countries to adopt Biblical principles of farming and increase their yield. It is working incredibly well and many families are now able to send their children to school, buy essential medicines and even build a new home.

Ben told us about Polly, from Malawi, and how Foundations for Farming had already turned her life around. Three years ago, Polly was brought a precious gift by her local church: the gift of a plentiful harvest.
Tearfund’s church partners in Malawi, AG Care, trained Polly in ‘Foundations for Farming’. The short course showed her some simple techniques to farm her dry, barren plot of land and make it flourish again. Instead of wondering whether there will be enough food, Polly finally has the ability of looking to the future and planning for her family. There are many others who are still suffering from
poor harvests and, with more support, Tearfund, through local churches, can help release potential and purpose.

11 Apr

Vicar of Baghdad

Andrew White was the vicar of St George’s Church, Baghdad, the only Anglican church in Iraq, until his departure for the sake of security, ordered in November 2014 by the Archbishop of Canterbury. He has thus been dubbed the “Vicar of Baghdad”.

He shared his faith and experiences with us here at the Church of the Good Shepherd to a packed church on Saturday 29th April, 2017, and we are grateful to have shared these moments of blessings and his trials with him as a community.  You can follow him on Facebook.  If you missed this event you might like to watch one of the many interviews with him on YouTube.

10 Jan

UBANDA success!

Our toe-tapping evening of big band and swing featuring top tunes from the stage and screen, was brilliantly performed by the Wirral Boys’ & Girls’ Grammar Schools’ Big Band and Concert Band in support of the YF Uganda Mission.

Thank you to everyone who supported the YF Ubanda event held at the Good Shepherd. We are delighted to have raised £2,560 to help young people serve God in Uganda.



06 Jan


We all have a life on the frontline in the world that’s significant to God. But can we see how God has been working in and through us? Can we imagine what work God might do in and through us on our daily frontlines?

This is the title of a sermon series we’ll be using at our 10.30 a.m. and 11.00 a.m. services in January that challenges us to consider how God can and does work in and through us in our daily lives. It will run for eight weeks on Sundays but will also be used in our Parish Homegroups.

If you missed any of the sermons you can listen again here.

17 Nov

YF Uganda Mission 2017

rockofjoy201710th Anniversary of youth mission trips!

Seven Youth Leaders and young people are engaged in the YF Uganda Training Programme in preparation for our mission to Uganda between 14 July – 6 August 2017. It will be exactly 10 years since the team from Youth Fellowship set out on the first YF Uganda Mission which led to the establishment of the Rock of Joy Trust and the subsequent YF Uganda Mission trips every two years since then, and adult trips on alternate years.

A medical team under the leadership of Stephen Blair will also be trained to provide health care to remote villages in Uganda. We have also commenced the leadership training of the younger leaders on the team. A further six young people will receive training in order to prepare them to preach at Lungujja Church and Antioch Church.

Individual fundraising is progressing well, and we have the following group fundraisers planned in the near future. We would appreciate your support for these events. Please check our What’s On page in the coming months.

As well as teaching, holiday clubs, running large Sunday schools, community tours and practical work, we will be developing the three projects which we started in the summer 2015 Mission and were built on by the Adult team who visited Uganda in 2016.

Firstly, the ‘Mosquito Net Project’ where we will buy a large number of nets in Kampala for the four schools and communities we will be serving, and provide education for children and their parents on the correct and effective use of nets and other malaria prevention. The young people will then visit local homes and assist with the putting up of nets and further education to the families on how to use them. We are excited about this project because, sadly, malaria remains a major cause of death in Uganda, and has affected children in our Rock of Joy schools with tragic results.

Secondly, the ‘Dental Health Project’ where we train our young people to provide dental health care and education for local people. This will include effective cleaning, advice on diet and education to dispel the myth that chewing on sugar cane is good for your teeth!
We plan to take toothbrushes and toothpaste with us. And also to train the Ugandans how to make a brush using local wood.

Thirdly, we will continue the ‘Menstrual Health Project.’ This project seeks to address the major problem of absence from school amongst poor girls in Uganda due to both the lack of sanitary products and to myths circulating. We will run lessons for older girls in our primary schools and help girls to make sanitary products using locally resourced materials.
We plan to develop this part of the programme to relationship and sexual health education together with lessons for boys covering specific topics relevant to them.

If you would like to make a financial contribution, please send it to the Parish Office in a clearly marked envelope ‘YF Uganda 2017 donation.’ Cheques payable to: ‘Heswall PCC – YF Uganda.’

Thank you.
Christine Blair, YF Leader